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Name: Danny Reddick
Hometown: Guildford
Sent: 6:55 PM - mon 11 sep 2000
your dog seems to get all the attention!
Name: Kim Rogers
Hometown: Thunder Bay - now Hamilton
Sent: 10:33 PM - sun 23 jul 2000
Hi Mrs. Richards!

I was talking to Michelle tonight and she sent me your website address. I'm really happy to hear you're doing so well now. I like the pictures of your dog. Hope everything continues to go well.

Name: Paula Sklazeski
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 8:58 PM - tue 21 mar 2000
Hi there! Nice Web page. Glad all are well in your neck of the woods. Drop a line. Love Paula
Name: Kim
Hometown: Windsor
Sent: 3:20 AM - fri 18 feb 2000
Where did you get your dog i really want this breed but dont know any breeders in the south western ont region
Name: Joan Francis
Homepage: http://joan's%20place%20-%20theme:/
Hometown: Lords Valley, PA, USA
Sent: 1:13 PM - thu 9 dec 1999
Good Morning and God Bless You. I stopped by from Elizabeth's page to see if I could help you with your search but alas I don't recognize any of the surnames. Have your tried Roots Web?, a huge geneology site with lots of resources. Much love, Joan - please stop by and see me. You will be blessed, I promise ;0)
Name: Sylvia Wright
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 9:10 AM - wed 24 nov 1999
Finally got time to check out your home page! Lots of snow came yesterday afternoon. Looks like Christmas now. God bless.
Name: Elizabeth
Hometown: Australia
Sent: 11:14 PM - tue 16 nov 1999
Dear Lola..Just caught up with your page again.So nice to see you back again.Love your little dog..Hope all goes well with you now.Will be back again.Elizabeth
Name: Erin Sklazeski
Hometown: Thunder Bay Ontario
Sent: 2:46 PM - fri 17 sep 1999
Hello Grandma!!!
I hope you are doing well. I miss our cups of tea and cookies. I'll have to come visit soon. I love your new dog.
Well, I miss you and I hope to hear from you soon. I will try to write soon. LOVE ERIN
Name: Susan Girardin
Homepage: http://worldwide-e,com/
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 11:37 AM - thu 16 sep 1999
Hi Lola! It's nice to see the pictures of your new dog. Very cute! Love Susan
Name: Helen Boggett
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Sent: 8:10 PM - thu 2 sep 1999
Hi Lola. Thank you for continuing to stay in contact. I am going to go off line to type a note as my spelling still has not improved!! My typing speed is also slow. More to follow.......... Helen.
Name: Beth Toms
Sent: 11:41 AM - thu 2 sep 1999
Hi Lola<
Maureen shared your last email with me. I has heartened to see of your steady recovery. But God had no choice with all those world wide prayers for you. We kept him occupied for weeks.
Love the pictures of your wee dog. What a sweety with a little bit of spunk judging from the picture. She will be a good friend for sure.
I am still with ISNC often accused at being joined at the hip with Maureen. Sometimes I think the only thing we don't share is husbands. My kids are growing (20, 16, 14) with the oldest starting University and the youngest starting High School. Stepping stones to be sure!
Well back to figuring out caseloads. Continue to take care
As always Beth
Name: Richard Pepper
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Sent: 8:57 PM - wed 1 sep 1999
Just got your newsletter and thought I'd check out Sunshine. I can't always view graphics on my screen, but I could see you and S. reasonably well. Good to hear from you. God bless.
Name: Judy Koeller
Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario
Sent: 4:54 PM - wed 1 sep 1999
Hello! Michelle has told me about Sunshine and I'm glad to see the pictures. Glad to hear that you are on the mend and enjoying the warm weather in this balmy south. Best wishes!
Name: Flora Ozburn
Sent: 3:16 PM - wed 1 sep 1999
Thanks for the update on your happenings. What an innocent looking face on "Sunshine". You do know that she is a 'holy' terrier breed! Good luck with her. Is she using the same W.C. as Maggie did? I have a new dog. She is a Brittany Spaniel. We got her last October and she has soooo much energy. I'm not getting any older, am I? I'm sure slowing down. I had all my grand children here this summer (4) with parents as well. Only once did they let(?) me look after all of them at once. Joyce and I are thinking of holding another ALPHA course. We are still at the thinking stage. Good to hear from you. This is my first day back at work since June so I am up to my neck in paper work. I'll send some more info next week. Love Flora. Love that "Trekkie" picture on your home page!
Name: Gayle
Hometown: Thunder Bay!
Sent: 2:22 PM - wed 1 sep 1999
Hi Lola. Great page. I like your new doggie. I sure that you two are great company for each other. Come visit my home page and sign my guestbook too!

Love Gayle
Name: Anne Kay
Hometown: Puerto Andratx, Mallorca,Spain
Sent: 7:08 PM - mon 30 aug 1999
Then homepage is really my daughter's but I translate for her.
I went to Challoner's too but left in 1960 from upper 6th so I think you probably left before I did. Nice to see the school's name. Have you visited the school's page?
Name: Marko Vidberg
Hometown: Cambridge, ON
Sent: 4:01 AM - 8/14
Hello there Lola. Nice web page you have. Good looking doggie I say. Ok bye for now.

Name: Michelle
Hometown: Cambridge, ON
Sent: 3:59 AM - 8/14
Hi Mum!

Hope you like your guestbook!

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